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Four fabulous food ideas for post sauna satisfaction


Saunaflow's Potato Skins served up post sauna.

We are well aware that sauna is best experienced NOT on a full stomach.  For sweating is a form of exercise.  Just as food tastes better after a work out or outdoor exercise, post sauna and a clean rinse is a perfect time to indulge and replenish.

Stephen's Chicken Soup warmed and ready after sauna.

Here are a four proven ideas:

1. Apres Sauna Potato Skins. Kati and Laura from Saunaflow recently won Sauna From Finland Association’s Food Sauna Contest with this recipe.

2. Chicken Soup. Stephen appreciates a nice bowl of his signature chicken soup after sauna.  Lots of liquid hydration and some sodium replenishment.

3. Pretzel, Cheese, Fruit Combo. No prep or cooking, just easy finger food enjoyment.

Twin City Sauna Club's Jerk Chicken fresh off the grill.

4. Grilled Jamaican Jerk Chicken and/or Boneless Buffalo Chicken. The Twin City Sauna Club swears by this tradition.  With an outdoor backyard sauna or cabin sauna, the outdoor vibe can continue, spilling out onto the patio, often times while rotating the chicken off the hot coals wearing just a towel, or nothing at all.  Jamaican Jerk Chicken flows nicely with a worldly sauna party music mix.

CONCEPT:  Sauna enthusiasts make for good chefs.

Care to share one of your favorite post sauna food ideas?

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