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A great air compressor to help build your own authentic Finnish sauna

I have built 5 saunas using this compressor with my finish nailer. It works great for applying tongue and groove cedar and trim. Three amazing things:

  1. The specifications on the box indicate that this 2 gallon compressor is NOT suitable for finish nailing. Thankfully, when I was considering buying this unit, the department manager at Menards informed me that he owned the same unit and it was totally capable of keeping up with a finish nailer. He was absolutely correct and I’m glad he recommended it (and not sure why the specs on the box don’t?).
  2. This unit is incredibly light. I used to wrestle commercial air compressors and every time i’d pick one up, I couldn’t believe how heavy they were.  They were getting heavier or I was getting weaker.
  3. Check out the price. Yes, $59.99 at Menards.

Saunatimes endorses this product for use with a pneumatic finish nailer.  Click here for a great review of recommended finish nailers.

Hot Tip!:  Don’t leave this or any air compressor plugged in overnight.  Odds are it will go off in the middle of the night and jolt everyone out of bed within a 100′ radius.  (Has happened to me!).


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7 thoughts on “A great air compressor to help build your own authentic Finnish sauna”

  1. Wonderful article. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this. Your blog provided us valuable information to work on. I like the valuable information you provide in your articles.

  2. I am going to new air compressor. This compressor is very noise, my wife angry about this. I want to buy compressor vary less than 60db. Do you have a lot of experience, give me your opinions?

  3. I hear you regarding the compressor, but for true freedom, look at the Paslode cordless angled finishing nailer. I bought one to do the tongue and groove in my cabin (and trim work) and I smile every time it comes out of the case. Pros: No air hose trailing behind, no loud compressor noise. Cons: price and stated use, angleled finish nails only. Just a thought!

  4. paslode makes framing nailers as well. paslode is nice for the reasons stated (no hose, no compressor, no need for electricity) but you pay for it in fuel cells. each cell cost $7-10 and lasts for 1000-1200 nails.

  5. Very efficiently written information. It will be beneficial to anybody know how to choose an air compressor.Keep up the good work. For sure i will check out more posts.

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