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Folding sauna: a mobile idea that is easy to photoshop reports on a concept for a mobile pop up sauna.  Great for festivals, gatherings, camping, whatever.  Will founder Elmo Vermijs actualize from the Photoshop version?  Saunatimes has invested building our 8×12 mobile sauna. Elmo could do the same.  As Seth Godin says in his book Linchpin: “real artists ship”.

So, Elmo, here’s our challenge: ship.  Get your product out the door and into the hands of the world.  We’re waiting.


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4 thoughts on “Folding sauna: a mobile idea that is easy to photoshop”

  1. I hear these guys are shipping. they are in amsterdam and we’re thinking of camping and bringing this along with us.

  2. Hi Glenn! I’m thinking about an alternative to this folding sauna: using a regular canvas wall tent. Have you encountered folks doing that? If so, what kind of stove do you think could work in that situation?

    Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. Jenna – While I’ve not been in a tent with a sauna stove, I have been in a canvas wall tent with a collapsible expedition wood stove. I was amazed at how warm it could get in there, especially when people left the damn door closed. Not sauna temp but this was during a cold snap, 20 to 35 below 0. I imagine with a real sauna stove and a smallish tent it would work.

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