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How to best clean a sauna? Clint’s Sauna Cleanser, of course.


Oxi Clean to clean a saunaOxiclean.

Dilute it WAY more than the back of it suggests. I think I did a scoop for a whole gallon of warm water.  Scrub it down and then fire it up to dry it. I’ve had great results.
I do it a few times a year. In my experience it doesn’t affect the smell at all. A very weak solution is key.
What’s your recipe for cleaning a sauna?

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5 thoughts on “How to best clean a sauna? Clint’s Sauna Cleanser, of course.”

  1. I have to admit, I only clean out my saunas 2x per year. In fall, before I need to winterized the garden hose, I will pull my floor mat, give the sauna a good sweep, then hose it all down good from about half way up the wall down to the floor drain. As Clint suggests, fire up the sauna right away to dry it all out.

    I do the same thing again in spring.

    A wise Finn once told me that bacteria and stuff can’t live above 140 degrees f. So, a well heated sauna should clean itself.

    LEFT TURN: This could be reason number 14 why infrared light bulb closets are so substandard/wrong/lame/yucky.

  2. I cleaned my sauna for the first time by giving the walls and bench a sanding with a fine grit sandpaper and then a light scrub of baking soda/water solution.

    Problem now is that the sweat stained the walls and bench after one use. Anyone else encounter this?

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