The Bucket Rinse at 4700

Is the Bucket Rinse about the best idea you’ve ever heard?

For many sauna enthusiasts, jumping into an ice cold lake after exiting a hot sauna is the pinnacle cool down experience. When is it time to leave the hot room? Clint: “When the idea of a cold lake plunge is about the best idea you’ve ever heard.

The euphoria is universal. In Finland, Russia, Minnesota and most every place where sauna is interwoven in the cultural fabric, the cold plunge is revered. Those digging cold plunge need not have to explain terms like thermogenesis, endorphin rush, homeostasis, and all that jazz. We emerge from the cold water and just say …. “ahhhh.” (and do it again!).

4700 in Minneapolis

“Collaboration requires several people to put their oars in the water” explains Rodney Burnsmith, a key co conspirator to the emerging urban sauna installation in South Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“What’s great about the empty canvas at 4700, is that others are coming forward, contributing to the urban sauna experience in their own way” notes Glenn Auerbach, fellow conspirator.

The bucket rinse

Darren, 612 Sauna Society Handy Man and fellow sauna enthusiast, has been tinkering with a bucket rinse for a couple months now. And after some welding and tinkering and toilet bowl tank hardware modifications, what was revealed during the recent Friday Happy Hour Sauna at 4700 Nicollet Ave. S. was, well, it was a big splash of a contribution.

“This is the first day in operation, and well, it seems to be working pretty well” explains a modest Darren (very Finnish).

The bucket rinse replicates that wonderful feeling you get when you dive into an ice cold lake. The bucket rinse is a celebration of freedom. Simplicity. Epigenetic’s and thermogenesis and Sauna Study measurements all wrapped up into one.

Are you benefiting from the clean rinse after every sauna round?

One tug of the cord and “wow” you will be.

The bucket rinse water element at 4700. Another reason to celebrate sauna in the urban public domain.

JP endorphin rushing between sauna rounds under the Bucket Rinse

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  1. Glen – My e mail does not seem to save files so I have, again lost the pictures that accompany your e book that I purchased. Can you pleassse resend the picture file? We just poured a concrete floor w/drain in my outdoor sauna. Been doing the electrical and now insulating. A few more steps and I can start putting up the cedar! Your book has been very helpful. Thanks, Tom

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