Reason #7 why infrared is not a sauna

Below is the headline for a recent advertisement:

2-Person Natural Wood Home Sauna

Therasage 2 Person Infrared Home Sauna is perfect for one or two people!

We have one question for the marketer behind this shill: what would a 2-Person UNnatural Wood Home Sauna look like?  I haven’t seen any UNnatural wood lately.  Have you?  Unless the manufacturer was considering using poly decking instead of tongue and groove cedar.  We wouldn’t be surprised.

We can only surmise that the marketer of this ‘sauna’:

Bunch of ‘therasage’ right upside the head.  Once and awhile, it’s good to call out the hucksters.

PS:  This light bulb closet sells for $4,660.00.  This is the same website that sells a towel warmer for $79.99.  Step Right Up!

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