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Sauna tip #7: get your hair wet

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As we settle into our first sauna round on the sauna bench, or before we even step into the sauna for round one, many sauna enthusiasts benefit from dumping some fresh water over our heads, ruffling our fingers through our hair, and getting our hair real wet.

Benefits of getting our hair wet at the beginning of our sauna session:

Get your hair wet.
Get your hair wet.
  1. It starts opening up our pours, and probably our hair follicles too.
  2. It helps moisturize our hair, naturally.
  3. It starts the flushing out process – ridding our system from products and tonics that are found at Walgreens but are not found in nature.

For those of us who sauna regularly, the real kicker is the clean rinse after every sauna round.

“How do you get your hair looking so healthy?  What do you use?”

Water is the simple answer.  We get our hair wet as we settle into round one, and nature does what it does.

DANGER:  It’s one thing to give sauna advice, and another thing to give sauna advice without sounding like a know it all.  Above is subjective, and may not be for all, but it works for many.  More thoughts and tips about water and sauna here.


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