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Lapland Hotel Tampere provides guests an evening rooftop sauna above and a fabulous morning breakfast below.

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I didn’t have my tape measure with me, but surveying my hotel room, then happily discovering my own private sauna adjacent to the bathroom, I figure Lapland Hotel Tampere is dedicating about 15% of their overall space to sauna. Wow!

Three cheers to the designers of Lapland Hotels

15% of hotel room space to sauna, about the same percentage as the bed. God love Finland!!

At first blush, a sauna in every hotel room may seem overkill, especially in Tampere, the World’s Sauna Capital, where saunas dot the map like sugar crystals atop a cup of cappuccino. And if that’s not enough, Lapland Hotel Tampere offers not one, but two rooftop saunas. Lobby television screen:

lobby TV monitors announcing Men’s/Women’s sauna operating hours

Architect to Lapland Hotels: “Shall we put a sauna in each of the own rooms, too, sir?”

Lapland Hotels: “Of course!”

Is there a hotel chain more worthy of sauna lovers? I don’t think so!

Imagine a convention or group meeting here:

Lapland Hotel Tampere meeting room

Then after a productive session, the group breaks for a relaxing rooftop sauna session here:

One of two rooftop saunas at the Lapland Hotel, Tampere, Finland

After which, it is just as easy to shower here:

Ample showers adjacent to the Lapland Hotel Tampere rooftop saunas

and head downstairs for a highly curated fresh dinner here:

Lapland Hotel Tampere dining area

Lapland vibe without the long trip North

What is Finland known for? Many say two things: Santa Claus and Sauna.

 “Lapland’s cold and wintry climate, coupled with the relative abundance of conifer trees such as pines and spruces means that it has become associated with Christmas in some countries, most notably the United Kingdom, and holidays to Lapland are common towards the end of the year.”

Main floor restaurant decor is all Lapland: reindeer antlers on the wall, birch candle holders, deep green pine branch mantel decorations. Past the Lapland decor, I couldn’t get enough of the traditional Sámi music playlist being piped in through the restaurant sound system. Song after song featuring, the wal-pipe, the Sámi drum, and joiks (type of chanting). All important musical expressions of the Sámi people. The Lapland Hotel Tampere features this music, and it fits the decor perfectly, bringing the hotel guest to Lapland in their own tasteful way.

Morning breakfast buffet offerings go on and on

If that’s not enough, it’s breakfast now, and time for another trip to the buffet. The scrambled eggs were fresh and soft, about the best I have ever had anywhere.

A second helping of the grilled asparagus, zucchini, and mushroom? Yes, please. Shall we mix up our own blend of granola and yogurt? For sure. Fresh fruits and two different smoothy options, ready for you to help yourself.

These are just a few of the breakfast offerings I enjoyed, and that work great as a nutritional baseline for the sauna goer who is now ready for a full day of sauna action in Tampere, the sauna capital of the world.

The hotel is well sized: large enough to provide amenities like a comfortable lobby bar and the aforementioned breakfast buffet, but also boutique like with bikes for free use, an easy access parking ramp below, and well, are we ready to talk saunas again?

Reminder: private sauna in your hotel room. Two sleek rooftop saunas, with transom windows overlooking the Tampere skyline.

Is every hotel in Finland this quiet? Not sure, but I slept like a baby, undisturbed. (Good sleep is another critical component to taking 50 saunas in 12 days).

Three cheers to Lapland Hotels

As sauna lovers, I say, yes, support Lapland Hotels, their commitment to sauna and the Nature of the North. Bonus: enjoy ample sauna offerings throughout. Rooftop sauna at night, and an extended main floor breakfast buffet in the morning. Hotel room sauna in between. Is there anything better for the sauna lover in you?

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