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Sauna Talk from Harvia World Headquarters, Central Finland

We didn’t Sauna Talk together while taking a sauna, but we did Sauna Talk on the sauna bench with Kimmo Riuttanen Product Manager & Sami Linna, Marketing Director from Harvia.

The outdoor sauna display unit at Harvia World Headquarters showroom.

Wood species for saunas

Red Cedar is something that can be found only in North America, not Europe. It equals to Elder in terms of structure, is the closest wood species.

“oh, it smells like a pencil!” The color appears much like Elder.

Spruce: Easy to get, easy to work with. Light enough to work with.

Aspen: Also very light soft wood. Really easy to work with. Less knots.

Elder and Pine.

These are the classical species of wood for sauna.

Heat treated: we can get some darker shades to the sauna.

Knots on paneling for sauna walls: “I love the livelihood”

Benches: Dense woods “massive spruce.”

Sammi: “You do it how you feel good, yourself.”

“You need to enjoy the sauna the way you like it the most.”

Keep enjoying the sauna, and sharing the good word!

Sami Linna, Marketing Director, Harvia Sauna Talk inside a sauna at the Harvia World Headquarters showroom in Central Finland

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