-13 degrees Fahrenheit = -25 degrees Celsius

Today’s Temperature, January 21, 2011.

I have seen exactly one person outside today.  It’s sunny, bitter cold and he was dressed appropriately with all his skin covered.  Later today, there will be 5 more of us outside.  But instead of bundled up like Eskimos, we will be almost naked between sauna rounds outside my backyard sauna:

  • Steam will be billowing off our bodies.
  • We will be smiling.
  • We will gaze up at the full moon above.
  • We will embrace what winter throws at us.
  • Cold weather will not get the better of us.

I can’t wait to get out there!  As you look at your thermometer, or watch the weatherman on TV, I hope you will smile with us.  As you look at your life, I hope you can think about joining us with your own authentic Finnish sauna. I can help you get there.



feels like -13°

Humidity 76
Windchill -13
Wind direction N
Wind Speed 0
Visibility 9
Pressure 30.09
Sunrise 7:44AM
Sunset 5:04PM

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