sauna deck in snow

Between sauna rounds: steam billowing while we breathe in the fresh cold air

Winter saunas take on an extra special function and sensation.

How about that feeling, sitting outside, below freezing, steam billowing off our bodies, as we gently cool down from our sauna session?  We are not in a hurry to get back inside.  We understand that our body core is still hot.  We can feel the endorphins rushing.

Steam billowing off our bodies while breathing in fresh air.  “ahhhhh.”

No rush to return to the hot room.  Extra credit for riding out a cool down until our body is completely cooled down.  Then, finally, when we work our way back into the hot room, we are in for a treat.  We get to toss some water on the rocks and ride it up again.


sauna deck in snow, awaiting a cool down between sauna rounds


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  1. Looking forward to this long holiday weekend. Four days of snow, sleet, rain then more snow, with one constant; sauna. No better gift to oneself family and friends.

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