Coming in from the cold: the Rubber Band Theory expanded with Bob Marley

There are moments when everything comes together:

  • -10 degrees f. (-23 degrees celsius) outside.
  • No need to drive to a health club, cabin, or Finland.
  • Backyard authentic Finnish sauna patiently waiting just steps out the back patio door.
  • Wood burning sauna stove idling quietly in the 175 degree f. hot room.
  • Round one complete with a clean rinse outside.
  • Steam billowing off the body.
  • Feeling an endorphin rush akin to vigorous exercise.
  • Invigorating stretches outside with a big smile.
  • Sipping a cool brew from a nICE mug.
  • Muscles, mind, body expanded, relaxed, recharged, refueled.  The Rubber Band Theory.
  • Contemplating: do sauna enthusiasts live longer more because of the physical OR the mental benefits?  (both are incredible!!).
  • Realizing that the cool down in the frosty, steamy changing room has now been over 10 minutes.
  • Reaching for the hot room door, Bob Marley’s voice: “When one door is closed, another door is open”



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