Does Bad Weather Piss You Off? Try This

There was a threat of snow, but we brought our golf clubs anyway – a part of our annual boys weekend tradition.   We drove to the cabin in a cold rain, and by the time we went to bed, a layer of slush was sticking to the deck.

10 inches of heavy wet snow greeted us in the morning.  Clubs, of course, never left the car.  Getting around was a huge challenge.  We shoveled a couple basic trails from cabin to cabin to dock, and felt only a bit less claustrophobic.

Now what?

The familiar scent of burning birch, then, with a turn, seeing smoke rising from the chimney outside the sauna/guest cabin provided the easy answer.

Bad weather is a relative term. 10 inches of snow can put a damper on a commute to work or golf trip to the cabin.  A cold rainy day can limit your Saturday to do list.  Yet bad weather is wonderful weather for enjoying a sauna session.  Long rounds in the hot room complemented by long sessions outside, smiling at what nature brings.

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