Sauna during a meteor shower

Greetings fellow Sauna Timer’s.  Have you ever considered sauna during a meteor shower?  Now’s your chance.  Mark your calendars.  The Geminid meteor showers are due to peak Thursday December 13th with a zenith hourly rate of 120/hr.  An added bonus is there will be a new moon.  The next one is the Quadrantids running from December 28 through January 12.

If you are interested in keeping up to date on future meteor showers search “meteor shower” on your mobile app store.  There are several available that provide details on meteor showers.  At least one will even allow you to calendar events.

Hope for clear skies and share your stories.


Anything that encourages one to sit outside between rounds, whether looking up at stars or standing on the dock or deck, is an integral part to the authentic sauna experience.  The “cool down” brings your body back to equilibrium.  It helps close your pours, relax your muscles, return your body to neutral state.

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