Sauna for enjoyment AND survival

1514472-sauna_view-joensuu-130x150Saunas in rural and lake areas are as much for enjoyment as they are for survival.

With his wife and two girls, Jeff Forrester built a wood burning sauna on his minimally developed land on an Island in Northern Minnesota.  In this short interview, Jeff describes how their sauna is critical to camping in sub zero weather, and just recently, while on a cold wet deer hunting trip with one of his daughters.

“Just because a sleeping bag is rated -20f, doesn’t mean it will work if you’re body is cold.”  Sleeping bags are great for containing one’s body heat, but if you’re cold to begin with, forget about it.

Many things were invented with survival in mind.

Then they became popular in everyday use.  You can think of your own example next time you grab for your cell phone.

Here’s Jeff.  Apologies for my lame video work.

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