The Best Bad Weather For A Sauna

When you own a sauna you find yourself getting excited about bad weather.

You’ll be driving home, watching other people scurry to their car with disgruntled looks thinking, “It’s going to be a great sauna tonight. I hope the weather gets worse!”

I stood in my yard last night with a good friend, watching some of the worst storm clouds I’ve ever seen between sauna rounds. It was a breathtaking, memorable experience. It got me thinking, “What’s the best bad weather for a sauna?”

Here are my top three:

  1. A Blizzard. Hands down the best sauna you can have.
  2. Pouring rain in the summer.
  3. Blustery, cold sleet in the spring or fall.

What’s your best bad weather sauna experience?

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2 thoughts on “The Best Bad Weather For A Sauna”

  1. Indeed, the worse the weather, the better the sauna. My cabin sauna sits just up from the lake, along a natural slate walkway. It was one of those summer storms, when the afternoon skies turn black. I left the sauna, and as I made my way down the slate walkway, it started pouring. The sky completely opened up. We didn’t need to jump in the lake, but we did anyway, huge raindrops pounding off the top of the water. Of course, nobody was outside except me and my 11 year old son – both of us laughing and dancing in the rain.

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