Why Lake Superior is the #1 sauna lake in the Continental US

It’s a bold statement because almost ANY lake is a #1 sauna lake.  There is nothing like stepping out after a sauna round, when “the idea of a cold lake plunge is about the best idea you’ve ever heard.”

But Lake Superior offers the sauna bather an additional edge, especially most of the time from about December to April:

open water.

It’s crazy to think that a guy can jump into ice cold fresh clear open water on April 3, 2018 when at that same moment, EVERY inland lake within 300 miles has many feet of ice on it.

Avanto is awesome.  Not needing a hole in the ice is that much better.

Nature is a crazy and wonderful thing.

Lake Superior Sauna. No carving hole in the ice

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2 thoughts on “Why Lake Superior is the #1 sauna lake in the Continental US”

  1. Lac Superior delivers so much – love the reminder that it is often open water even in crazy cold temps!

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