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The 5 gallon pickle bucket may just be your best sauna accessory

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Looking to give a loved one into sauna a gift for Christmas?

This may be the best looking gift under your tree:

the 5 gallon pickle bucket

Especially in winter, the 5 gallon water bucket is an awesome sauna accessory:

  • You can fill it with water anywhere.
  • It’s easy to carry.
  • At a sauna party, it holds enough water for folks to dump water over their heads, multiple rounds.

The 5 gallon water bucket can be filled up in your avanto (hole in the ice) and carried up to your sauna.

5 gallon buckets are great for getting lake water for dishes and for saunaGot that one covered?

Here are three more sauna accessories you can add to the 5 gallon bucket, for the sauna aficionado living in a four season climate:

The outdoor shower kit:

An outdoor shower for a backyard sauna.
A backyard sauna shower fits in nicely.

Simple and easy and $15.00 from your neighborhood hardware store.  More info. here.  And more about outdoor showers here.

The frost freeze faucet:

It may seem like a pain in the ass to install, but it takes less than an hour to replace your conventional outdoor garden hose faucet with this frost free faucet.  This faucet allows for water access all winter long.  The shut off valve is about a foot inside the pipe, inside your house.  It’s a simple design and works excellent.  More information here.

The nICE mug DIY kit:

Many fans of the authentic sauna experience embrace the fire in our sauna stoves, and then are able to marvel at the beauty of experiencing our beverages in a glass made entirely out of ice.  Like with sauna, nICE mugs are a celebration of nature.  nICE mugs can be ordered here.  Last time I checked, there was still is a valid coupon code “sauna” because the founder is a sauna nut.

Plus, they come with these really awesome LED illuminators (but these two Finns are sold separately).  A wildly cool sauna accessory for between rounds:

Jouko (left) and Risto chilling out between Sauna Talk podcast


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3 thoughts on “The 5 gallon pickle bucket may just be your best sauna accessory”

  1. For those of you who plan ahead, I’d propose that a great gift for a sauna host is a birch vihta. Google it, then make a few next year in late spring. Dried in your garage rafters, they will wait patiently for the perfect time to surprise your host. One can never have too may vihta on hand in the long Minnesota winters.

  2. winter has finally hit central wisconsin this morning and last night i took the final outdoor shower rinse off sauna session for the season. i have a hose shower setup similar to glen so after finishing up, i drained the water, coiled up the hose and took down the shower head. it will be the 5 gal bucket method for me until spring!

  3. Folks from the Upper Midwest are made of sterner stuff than those of us in Southern California. We installed a solar shower about two weeks ago that even in December still gets the water sort-of lukewarm here in sunny California. (The temp drops quickly once the sun goes down though.) Love the cold drench but nice to have the option to add a little bit of warmth if desired.

    Our electric sauna is fully up and running and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The sauna gets to 190 deg in 20 minutes with very even temperature over time. The 110 pound rock quantity allows a full 8 ounce cup of water to be instantly converted to loyly. I love the blast but it’s too much at once for the wife and kids, need to keep it a half a cup for them. I’ll post an update to the electric heater series I wrote with more details.

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