The five W’s of sauna

Who is into sauna?

Finns.  Scandinavians.  Now folks that ‘get it’ from around the world are into sauna.  It’s becoming a big deal.

What is sauna?

Traditional sauna is a centuries old tradition.  it involves a stove (wood or electric) that heats rocks.  Walls are generally cedar or white spruce.   Sauna is not a steam room.  Sauna is not a hot tub.

When do you sauna?

Often after a work out, or when your feet are f***ing cold on a winter’s night.  Then again, some find sauna therapeutic on a hot daySauna parties are a blast.

Where are saunas?

Lots of health clubs feature a ‘dry sauna,’  invariably heated by an electric sauna stove, but health club and hotel saunas are generally a compromise.  One may stumble upon an authentic sauna if one is lucky enough to visit Scandinavia or Northern lakes areas like Minnesota, upper Wisconsin, Canada.

Why take a sauna?

Health benefits to sauna are numerous and undisputed.

How do I get in the game?

This site is about getting in the game.  You deserve your own sauna: a backyard sauna.  An outdoor sauna may in fact open your appreciation to nature.  A sauna in your house is a real sign of quality living and doesn’t really cost a lot.  We’re here to help, and here’s where you start.


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