Top 10 ways you know you'll enjoy your own authentic Finnish sauna

  1. You secretly enjoy cold, crappy weather.
  2. When jumping in a pool or lake, you don’t bother dipping in your toe first to check the temp.
  3. Rinsing off after shaving, you use the coldest water possible.
  4. You have in your garage a working TV, radio, and or refrigerator.
  5. You prefer exercising outside vs. inside at a health club.
  6. At the office, you’ve been known to say: “wow, did you see the stars last night?”
  7. You smile at the fact that drinking 3 beers at home cost less than 1/2 of one at a bar.
  8. You like all aspects of firewood: cutting, chopping, stacking, burning.
  9. You consider such things as yoga, acupuncture, and meditation with an open mind.
  10. You love the ‘up north’ natural environment, but can’t always get there.


Please feel free to add to this list… good sauna!

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  1. 11. A hot dog @ camp taste better than a steak at home!

    P.S. Except for #5 (for which I don’t belong to a health club and I need to exersise a lot more, I’d say that I am 10 for 10!

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