We enjoy our sauna cool downs (and obtain command of our entire physiology)

World Sauna Day

Outside of “Close the door!!”  There are very few sauna rules.

While partaking in a sauna session, we exit the hot room when we’ve had enough heat, and we re-enter the hot room when we’ve cooled down and want more.

After we leave the sauna, we stand outside on a zero degree winter’s night.  As steam billows off our body and a bitter wind brushes against our wet skin with a “brrrrrr,” our conventional minds are trained to get us to panic and seek warmth immediately.  But for many sauna goers, we have retrained our minds to think differently.  Our simple rule is to listen to our core, not our skin.  While enjoying time in the hot room, our bodies absorb heat and become warm, like a radiator.  As we cool, we enjoy the benefits of the rubber band theory of sauna.

We enjoy our cool downs.

The time we enjoy cooling down outside is often longer than our time heating up in the sauna.  Our barometer of a good cool down is marked by our ability to brush aside the false inputs of cold skin and instead focus within, to our core.  Consciousness.  By doing so, we increasingly obtain command of our entire physiology. Much as with the  Wim Hof Method, listening to our core “brings us deep into our physiology, where we begin to control our immune and nervous responses to all forms of stress.”

Next time you’re doing one of these things between sauna rounds, and someone calls you crazy, just yell back: “I am obtaining command of my entire physiology, man!”

Endorphin rush after cold plunge between sauna rounds



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6 thoughts on “We enjoy our sauna cool downs (and obtain command of our entire physiology)”

  1. Been lately practiced 3 min cooling sessions in the ice ho… sorry AVANTO . Deep breaths, self awareness, just amazing after sauna feeling.

  2. the deep cold has finally returned to wisconsin! did a three-rounder before work this morning. five degrees out with a light snow falling and a bucket of water makes for a quick cool down session. sunday should be a rager with a forecasted HIGH of -5!

  3. Jim: I’ve done the course. I practice the WHM almost daily. Sauna enthusiasts will transition in nICE fashion to his practice as we already know what it’s like to cold plunge.

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