With our wood burning sauna stoves the fuss is the muss

light steam graphic

Some back away from installing a wood burning sauna stoves, in favor of the more convenient electric sauna stove option.

And this is ok.

But for those of us who choose the wood stove option, we:

  • Enjoy tinkering with the fire. (much like making beer or cooking a meal from scratch).
  • Appreciate knowing where our heat comes from (vs. plugged into an electric wire on the grid).
  • Embrace the DIY aspect (cutting, splitting, stacking wood, is much like gardening).

Why does wood fired pizza taste better?  Why does wood heat feel better?  Why do all chefs use cast iron frying pans (vs thin metal).  Why is the University of Minnesota collaborating to create SaunaShoes with thermal mass in the sole?

We ask ourselves these questions whilst “ember-izing” on the sauna bench.

managing our wood burning sauna stove
Jim Willis’s wood burning sauna stove (photo: Jim Willis).
Mark Babson’s wood burning sauna stove (photo: Mark Babson).
Entering Michael Furlong’s wood burning sauna (photo Michael Furlong).
Michelle Mark’s wood burning sauna stove (photo: Michelle Mark).

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