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Sauna How: Backyard Showers


Well hey everybody, it’s Glenn at SaunaTimes and I’m here to talk about backyard showers. Sauna and backyard showers- they go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s just so great to come out of the hot room all sweaty and hit the shower. Now, you can go on amazon, plenty of choices, lots of outdoor showers- fancy ones, simple ones but I really like this concept.This is a garden hose attachment from the house, comes right over here, and right here is a simple on/off switch you can get at any hardware store, then a hose remnant and a simple garden hose attachment right up here. So just with a simple turn you got a lot of water action. Clean rinse after every sauna round. It gets all of the sweat off of you and it kind of flushes the pores and creates real cleanliness. So whether you go into a cold plunge after or just sit down on the sauna deck and chill out, an outdoor backyard shower really gets you there and I love it!

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