A great sauna routine for an even better night’s sleep

I’ve had a dialogue with someone who was put on steroids for a couple of weeks for a medical condition.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Any side effects?” I ask the doctor.  “Take them in the morning, you may be a bit jittery and sleepless at night.”  Boy was he not kidding!  It was awful!! , yet luckily, after a little trial and error:


  • Days I didn’t exercise – I slept terrible.
  • Days I just exercised – I was pretty restless, not a good night’s sleep.
  • Days I exercised and sauna – I slept great.

Glenn’s sleep well sauna routine:

  • 4-5 pm: exercise. (rigorous outdoor running, biking, chopin’ wood, carrying water).
  • 5-7 pm: saunaThree rounds, clean rinse and allow for generous time for cool down between rounds.
  • 7-8 pm: dinner. Click here for four great recipe’s for post sauna satisfaction.
  • 8-10 pm: relax. If you can make it ’til 10, you may need some help getting shoveled into bed.

Additional hints:

  • Limit booze intake. The three beer sauna is sure enjoyable, yet if the focus is getting a good night sleep, tone it down.
  • Plenty of water. But cut that out after 8 pm.  Maybe a cup of sleepy time tea, but let all the fluids get through your body a couple hours before you go to bed.
  • Nothing over stimulating before bed. Scrabble game, yes.  Silence of the Lambs, no.

Sauna works excellent for sleeping disorders, showing repeated proven results.  Sauna is healthy and natural, and seems to do a wonderful job counteracting mental, emotional, AND physical issues that prohibit one to sleep well.  In the example of the reader taking steroids, exercise alone didn’t help much.  The sauna routine most likely helped “push” the drugs through his system, allowing the drugs to do what they were prescribed to do, and then getting washed out of the body.   Sweat rids toxins and chemicals in the body, oh, and he reported that he got better before the two week steroid prescription period.

How much is a good night’s sleep worth to you?


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