A hot sauna on a hot day?

It’s 102 in Minneapolis, MN today and I’ve mentioned to several people that I’ll be taking a sauna later, in case they’d like to join me.

“What? Are you crazy?

It’s 102 today!”

Exactly. It’s 102. Just as some runners use saunas to train for hot weather running, I use saunas to tolerate hot weather in general.

I just let it in.

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1 thought on “A hot sauna on a hot day?”

  1. Exactly! Using a sauna or steam room on a hot day is an excellent idea! Not only does it help you tolerate the heat, but after having been in a room with a much higher temperature than the temperature outside, stepping out of the room feels like stepping into a cool breeze, even when there’s a heatwave! 🙂

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