Backyard cold plunge between sauna rounds for $72.99

As more and more folks are discovering the authentic sauna experience, more and more folks are understanding that sauna is not just about the hot room.  Matter of fact, the benefits of a proper cool down are being recognized as ability to:

  • Equalize body temperature (as a pre-set for next sauna round, or to go to bed)
  • Enjoy fresh air and nature (while in the garden all misty wet with rain)
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increase Adrenaline and Endorphin rush accentuation (“omg, i feel great”)
  • Boost immune system
  • Improve mental health

Athletes, like football players, use cold plunge for relief, after beating the shit out of each other.  Wim Hof applies cold plunge therapy as a key part of the Wim Hof Method.  Those with cabins and lake cottages cut holes in the ice, where winter cold plunge retreats are warmly received.

Finns have been enjoying and benefiting from winter swimming, Avanto, for many generations.  Americans are recognizing the value of cold plunge between our sauna rounds.

Sales are up for stock feed tank for cold plunge

With more and more people enjoying their own backyard sauna retreats, farm and garden stores are seeing an uptick in 100 gallon stock feed sales.

We buy this cold plunge stock tank once, and get to use it over and over.

Once back home, we are able to carve out our cold plunge within our backyard sauna cool down zone:

The backyard sauna deck. To the right of the tree: outdoor shower. To the left of the tree: $72.99 cold plunge trough. Out of camera range: sauna guests smiling.
Submitting to the Fleet Farm Health and Wellness Outreach Program. Collective ages of these 3 senior sauna enthusiasts: 167 years old. (and feelin’ fine!).

Resourceful right brain thinking allow for many adaptations of the backyard cold plunge.

resourceful millennial kiddy pool cold plunge

How have you been enjoying cold plunge between your backyard sauna rounds?


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3 thoughts on “Backyard cold plunge between sauna rounds for $72.99”

  1. I attached a garden hose shut off valve to my new $72.99 100 gallon feed trough. After sauna session is complete, I can recycle the water, attaching garden hose and watering the backyard garden while draining the cold plunge. Note the antithesis to chemically infused hot tub. (Water temp isn’t the only thing that’s opposite).

  2. we have an inflatable pool that we fill up for the kids every once in a while, close to the sauna. i take advantage of that when available, with a rinse off before getting in, of course. i have a shower on the side of the sauna with a hose connection. this is normally rigged up to the hose bib on the side of the house (city water) for most sessions but if hitting it up pre-work, i hook it up to a bib on the irrigation pump (we only run it during the morning). this water is typically colder than what comes out of the house and with the irrigation pump on its own well, there is no chlorine, etc. in it.

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