Benefits of sauna extend well into your sciatic nerve

A close friend was over to my backyard sauna on a cold crappy Minnesota night.  With an exceptionally big smile on his face, he started talking and I grabbed a pencil, and this is exactly what he said:

“I’ve had multiple therapies for my sciatic nerve over the last month, including:

  • deep tissue massages
  • Yoga
  • chiropractic treatments
  • other prescribed exercises

I’ve had 12 mg of Ibuprofen daily for pain.  The single thing that has helped me feel better than anything else has been three rounds in the sauna with cold therapy in between.”

Just after that statement, my other friend who had shoulder surgery, and has been written about in this post emerged from the outdoor backyard shower:

“that is the truth! the cold therapy between rounds helped my shoulder like nothing else.”




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2 thoughts on “Benefits of sauna extend well into your sciatic nerve”

  1. still the best therapy out there! The hot-to-cold work up does wonders. Try it! Thanks Glen.

  2. I can confirm that this is true, hot-sauna-cold therapy has made my sciatic pain disappear……after 2 months using chiropractors, physiotherapies, medicines, arcupuncture.

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