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Can sauna cure a hangover?

hangoverEvery body is different.

For some, the best hangover cure or remedy may be going for a run or rigorous exercise.  For others, laying in bed is enough work.  What’s great about trying sauna to cure a hangover is that your body will tell you soon enough if it’s right for you.  For best results:

  1. Bring 32 oz. of water with you to sauna.  Take a generous swig every minute or so.  We all know that hangovers are caused by dehydration.  It is important to restore fluids to the body.  Yet big gulps can disturb an already disturbed stomach.
  2. Be a low bench Larry.  For curing a hangover, try spreading out along the lower bench where heat is less intense and potentially more humid.   Let the upper sauna bench be reserved for more rigorous sauna sessions.
  3. Introduce water to sauna rocks.  Loyly, the steam created when tossing water on sauna rocks, is a critical part of a good sauna session.  When trying to get rid of a hangover, tossing a few ounces of water on the sauna rocks will help.  The steam will collect on the skin, encourages sweat.  Sweat rids toxins from the body.  Also, with slow, steady deeper breathing, the warm wet air will help encourage good oxygen into the lungs and through the body.
  4. Cool down completely before warming back up.  When you feel you need to take a break, exit the hot room and clean rinse.  Ice cold water may be too much of a shock when taking sauna with a hangover, yet a cold plunge may just be what the doctor ordered.  Cold water helps flush pores.  It stimulates blood flow.  It begins the process of helping the body cool down.

Do not re-enter the hot room too soon.  It is critically important that ones body is completely cooled back down before reheating.  Though it may be hard to focus with a hangover, try to listen to your body core, not your skin.  Try some light stretching or just sit calmly between sauna rounds, and continue intermittently sipping cool water.



Here are a few reader’s suggestions, as good for hangover saunas as with any sauna session:

  1. Toumani Diabati – New Ancient Strings.
  2. Ben Travada King – Dessert Dreams.
  3. Nick Drake – Pink Moon.


Recovering from hangover is no different than recovering from a flu.  After sauna, introduce food moderately.  BRAT foods:  Bananas, Applesauce, Rice, Toast.

As always, listen to your body.  If you feel queazy or dizzy, ease up.   A hangover sucks, but a good sauna session may be just what the doctor ordered.  For those that swear by the “hair of the dog” we highly suggest a Bloody Mary in a nICE mug.


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