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Claiming that infrared is a sauna is like claiming that a bathtub is a pool

Imagine a recently published study preaching health benefits of swimming, something along the lines of: “participants who swam half a mile in a pool, 3-4 times per week, had a 30% decrease in heart related illnesses.”

Then imagine a company that sells large bathtubs and hot tubs, but calls them pools.

Then, imagine that same company laying claim to the health benefits of pools to their products.

Now we understand why we need to be careful with marketing hucksters hawking infrared light bulb closets.

infrared hucksters at a trade show in Las Vegas

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2 thoughts on “Claiming that infrared is a sauna is like claiming that a bathtub is a pool”

  1. The analogy holds, as regarding health studies from Finland: “The results were culled from more than 70 sauna studies published up through February 2018” https://www.saunatimes.com/articles/news/what-does-mayo-clinics-recent-report-on-sauna-bathing-mean-for-authentic-sauna/

    As a regular sauna bather for over 30 years, I recognize that the primary benefits to authentic sauna are achieved through experiencing multiple rounds with:
    1. Loyly (steam from water being tossed on sauna rocks).
    2. Cold plunges (cold shower, lake plunge, cold plunge feed trough).
    3. Full body cool downs between rounds (optimally whilst in the garden all misty wet with rain).

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