Empirical Evidence for the Health Benefits of Sauna

When it comes to understanding the benefits of sauna to physical health, it can often be hard to separate fact from fiction. This is especially true if your search includes sauna manufacturer websites, and even more so if your search includes infrared sauna dealer websites. To date, the most solid and authoritative sources on the benefits of sauna to physical health are: Benefits and Risks of Sauna Bathing and Health Effects and Risks of Sauna Bathing. In 2001, Minna Hannuksela, MD of the University of Oulu, Finland and Samer Ellahham, MD of Washington Hospital Center, Washington, D.C., completed a meta-analysis using 271 studies completed in the previous forty years to examine the physiological effects of sauna bathing. Their review of the benefits and risks of sauna bathing appeared in the American Journal of Medicine. This was updated five years later by Kukkonen-Harjula and Kauppinen (2006).

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