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Fox 5 news story: losing weight in a sauna 3/5/09

light steam graphic

Here’s a story about Infrared, and losing weight in a sauna.  On second thought, this video is actually more factual and informative:

I accept the fact that an increased body temperature burns fat. I take issue with Infrared and the mechanisms by which infrared technology raises one’s body temperature. A wood sauna is a sauna. An infrared is a microwave.  Wood heat is a much more natural way to heat a sauna room.  Loyly (steam vapor from water tossed on hot sauna rocks) is a key component to any authentic Finnish sauna experience.  With infrared, you can’t toss water on light bulbs.

Go to Scandinavia, where folks have been taking saunas dating back a couple thousand years. Ask any Finlander (or this guy singing in the video) what he thinks of infrared ‘saunas’ and he will confirm: infrared is NOT a sauna. Infrared is merely an easy way to market and exploit a great health and wellness tradition:

  • Infrared light bulbs are cheap.
  • Infrared ‘heaters’ plug into 110v, requiring no chimney’s or special wiring.
  • Infrared companies can ship product to any sucker anywhere via flashy websites and trade shows.

Please read my page on free sauna information and become better informed.

Before you buy an infrared, take an authentic Finnish sauna.

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