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Health benefits: links & comments

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The intent of this post is to give you an edited one stop shop to some of the better links on the web that discusses the health benefits of a sauna.

I started grooving on this site , but it’s super long and involved.  One initial dispute: It’s important to not just sweat for 15 minutes, then shower off and say you’ve taken a sauna.  To me, a sauna is an event that culminates after 3 rounds of: heat, shower (or lake), cool down, repeat.  Doing just one sauna round is like going to a hockey game and staying for just one period.  Anyhow, there is so much information here!  Don’t click on it if you only have 2 minutes.

Better yet go to the Wikipedia site on saunas and scroll down 3/4 of the way to the section on benefits.  this site is a great starting point, and you can link further by diving into a particular ailment you have a question on.  As you check out websites that sell saunas, the Finnleo site has a nice clean Letterman style top 10 list.  (I especially like #6: recreational and social benefits in keeping with my overall theme of saunas help enhance one’s lifestyle and appreciation of such albums as King Tubby: Dub From the Roots).

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