Is Sauna the best way to metabolize stress?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is critical to good health. Mental and Physical health professionals, traditional or alternative, all categorically point to stress as a key and major contributor to health problems. Stress, well, you can Google it, and I’ll spare the reader the long list of negative impact that stress has on our mind and bodies.

Even when faced with acute stress triggers, we can take measures to control stress.

Key activities to control stress include:

1. Exercise 

2. Spending time in Nature

3. Attention to diet

4. Meditation

Beyond these big 4, there is a 5th activity that is gaining steam:

5.  Sauna

Yes, sauna.  More and more studies are coming out about the health benefits of sauna.  One of the areas of speculation beyond these studies is the lifestyle enhancement that regular users of sauna continually benefit from.

Regular users of sauna metabolize stress through raising our core body temperatures in the sauna.  We metabolize stress We benefit from the extensive cool down sessions

Whether in the hot room or chilling out outdoors, we allow ourselves to get into a meditative state with ease.

Wim Hof calls it “inner fire”.  Finns call it “sisu.”

Also, and I don’t mean to throw health club or hotel saunas under the bus, but when we sauna in Nature, via our own backyard sauna, cabin sauna, or even a mobile sauna wheeled out to a rushing mountain stream or Minneapolis lake, we are transforming the experience to optimally metabolize stress.  We, subconsciously or consciously, are NOT thinking about our car keys, the parking lot, or the drive home.  We are present in this moment.  In Nature.

  • Sauna is good for us.  Sauna helps metabolize stress.
  • Sauna in nature is that much better for us.  Sauna in nature really helps metabolize stress.

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