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Sauna after a trip is the best way to get rid of “airplane juice.”

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denver-tsa-lineAir travel used to be fun.  Flying today is nothing short of a drag.  Airplanes and airports are loud and packed full of cranky adults and plenty of whiney children.  Every seat and phone charger is taken, and everything smells like a McDonalds cheeseburger.  Its a miracle when a plane departs or arrives on time.  As overheard on a recent flight, as a road warrior plopped himself down in his seat:  “Ugh, I feel like I need a vacation and I haven’t even gotten to where I’m supposed to be yet…. Or at least maybe a shower.”

Even after a shower, “airplane juice” can still linger.  However, more folks are turning to authentic sauna for air travel relief:


In an airport and on an airplane, the stale regurgitated air circulates around with everyone else’s breath and body.  Breathing is out of necessity and nobody wants to breathe deep.  In a sauna, however, the fresh moist air from water being tossed on sauna rocks helps moisten the nasal passages and deep down into the lungs.  Fresh water and fresh air, helping one restore a healthy breathing with lots of fresh oxygen.  Negative ions, too.  BONUS: a wood burning sauna circulates fresh air.


In and airport and on an airplane, it is impossible to avoid an oily grime layering on the skin.  “Airplane juice” is abound.  A shower can help cut the grime, but the grime runs deep into the skin pores.  There is no better way to get rid of airplane juice than a three round sauna, with three cycles of:

  1. heavy sweating in the hot room.
  2. a cold plunge or clean rinse.
  3. a cool down in the fresh garden all misty wet with rain.


Air travel is about constantly adjusting oneself  in confined spaces.  This contortion wreaks havoc on the body.  Getting off the airplane, the  long march up the jetway is often accompanied by a headache, stiff muscles, and achey joints.  One may be thinking of just stumbling to bed, but this doesn’t help.  What helps is 32 oz. of drinking water and three sauna rounds.  The rubber band theory, the complete sauna cycle, helps relax and loosen muscles and joints.  Gentle stretching.  Body restoration.


Part of the drag of air travel is the complete loss of freedom.  Outside of being able to hit “next” on our music playlist, air travel is all about giving up control.  Airport security theater, board by zone, and the upright locked position, we become numb to the process of getting our body from point A to point B.  When we get off the plane we are often zombies, ready to be shuttled to the car rental or at best, being picked up by a loved one.  “Honey, I fired up the sauna for you” is about the most beautiful way to say “welcome home!”.  Sauna restores freedom of mind.  We can take over control.  We rediscover ourselves.  Our minds, our bodies, our simple pleasures.  Too hot?  go cool down.  Too chilled out?  Go heat up.  Want a beer?  Go have a beer.  Sauna is our time.  Nobody tells us what to do, especially over a loud speaker.

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2 thoughts on “Sauna after a trip is the best way to get rid of “airplane juice.””

  1. Could not agree more – especially as I read this from the middle seat during a three day, two city West Coast work trip! I can’t wait to get home and fire up the Kuuma with birch and oak. Airplane Juice is no match for 4 gos in the backyard authentic Finnish sauna, a couple nICE cold Summit Sagas, and a handful of rinses in the outdoor shower!!!

  2. Got back on Thursday from a trip to Australia. Talk about airplane juice! I got home too late to partake in sauna on Thursday night but on Friday, enjoyed the oft-discussed, rarely-realized six round session. After that, I was asking ‘What airplane ride?” 🙂

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