Sauna: How do you feel the morning after?

I woke up this morning with what initially felt like a major hangover.  Where am I?  What time is it?  For a second I felt like the morning after an Irish or Polish wedding.   As I gained consciousness and took inventory of my continence, no headache phew, that’s a good thing.  I don’t feel queezy, well that’s certainly a major plus… wait!  I took a sauna last night!

I’ll admit, the morning after a long sauna party can be a very groggy experience.  Unlike a hangover, though, after getting out of bed and brushing teeth, etc., it’s amazing how fresh one feels!  It’s important to drink plenty of water during your sauna session, and with anything, don’t overindulge in alcohol.   But there is a thing I call the sauna quotient:

6 hours sleep after a good sauna =  8-9 hours sleep without a sauna.

It makes sense: your body is relaxed, your muscles rested, your mind restored.  It’s like my buddy Clint says: saunas are my reset button.  Everyone deserves their own reset button!

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