Sauna is a great help for sleeping disorders

After three rounds of an authentic sauna session, ones body is relaxed – both muscles and mind.  This relaxation is a direct result from the exertion of a good sweat.  The experience may be compounded by exercise before a sauna session.  However, this not necessary.

Do you have trouble sleeping?  I urge you to try an authentic sauna.  Not an infrared, or a steam room, but three decent rounds in an authentic Finnish sauna, allowing adequate time between rounds to chill out and relax.

As Richard Ashcroft of The Verve poignantly announces: “the drugs don’t work.”  Taking sleeping pills are not the answer to sleeping all night.  A sauna session is a natural process.  Whether it’s body stress or mind stress, three decent sauna rounds will greatly enhance the necessary state of relaxation, critical to sleeping all night.

Life is short, we all deserve to have a good night’s sleep.  Sauna is a great help for sleeping disorders.

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