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Sauna isn’t for everyone

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“Call the Star Tribune!” I call out with a smile, as I catch sight of my wife making her way down to the cabin sauna.  It was one of those sauna sessions when everybody shows up.  We had our oldest son, his girlfriend, a couple neighbors and – stop the presses – my wife all chit chatting away in the hot room.  Without doing the math, we’ve been married 25 years and I sauna about three times a week.  I can count on two hands the number of times she’s taken a sauna.

Sauna isn’t for everyone.

My wife loves a hot bath.  She’s way into yoga.  But sauna?  It gives her a headache.

Sauna isn’t for everyone.

Sometimes something that works so well for some of us, doesn’t work at all for others.

  • Not ever body responds well to pedaling miles on a hard ass bike seat.
  • Not every body responds well to twisting like a pretzel on a foam yoga mat.
  • Not every body responds well to sweating in a wood lined hot room.

I’ve given up inviting a cabin neighbor to sauna: “If I want to get that hot, i’ll go back to Southern Illinois.”

We sauna enthusiasts respect those that don’t dig sauna as much as we do.  We aren’t trying to convert the natives to Christianity.  We dig sauna because it works for us.  We understand that…

Sauna isn’t for everyone.

STAY TUNED:  The wife (without my preaching) wants to try sauna again, but will guzzle a 32 oz. bottle of electrolyte infused water before hand.  We’ll share if this infusion may help with her headache propensity whilst partaking in sauna.   Will update here when thy will be done.  Amen, roger and out.

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5 thoughts on “Sauna isn’t for everyone”

  1. It’s about the same with my wife. Could it be that men, generally, enjoy sauna more than women?

  2. The ladies around here became much more interested in the sauna after they heard claims that a serious session could burn hundreds of calories… and my wife is out relaxing by herself in the heat right now!

  3. My wife was sold on sauna once she realized how her skin felt afterwards. She doesn’t use it as much as I do which 3 times a week. When the cold weather comes she’s in it about 2 times a week, I’m lucky she loves it. Down here in southern mn. sauna’s are not real common, especially backyard wood burners like ours and a lot of women I’ve talked to seem to think when you sweat it’s dirty, when it’s the opposite. I’m doing my best to sell the sauna life. DRINK THE WATER BEFORE

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