Sauna-Yoga: Much more than just VERY hot yoga.

Robin Bailey-Callahan, RD - Certified Yoga Instructor

While developing Sauna-Yoga, it became clear that it needed to be a holistic experience.  Here is the protocol that emerged for a three-round Sauna-Yoga experience:

Round 1YOGA: See Developing Sauna-Yoga: part 2 for the demonstration of six poses that can be completed in a sauna at 170°F within 12 minutes.

Round 2MEDITATION: Both yoga and sauna indirectly include meditation. We found it useful to make meditation a prominent feature. See Sauna Meditation for guidelines. You might think the yoga round is the most intense of the three rounds. It’s not. The meditation round is by far the most intense and challenging round, hands down.

Round 3SOCIALIZE: A main purpose of sauna and in fact, all sweat rituals, is to relax and connect with others. Relax, interact and have fun. Soulful rock music works nicely during this round.

Each round refers to the interval inside a sauna. The interval should be approximately 15 minutes and the temperature should range from 160°-180°F. Each round is separated by a 5-minute cooling off period outside the sauna and don’t neglect your recuperation period.

Sweat Therapy Theoretical Model

From Sweat Therapy Theory, we know that sweat rituals operate by a combination of Exercise, Self-Regulation, Interpersonal Factors, and Metaphorical Contextual Elements. Adding Yoga to Sauna, kicks up the intensity in Exercise and Self-Regulation. According to the theory, this should create the opportunity for corresponding amplification of Interpersonal and Metaphorical Contextual Elements thereby causing greater positive effects to Mind, Body, & Spirit.

In other words, if these four factors make up the sauna engine, we’re souping it up.

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