Sauna yoga revisited from Finland.

Saunatimes contributor Stephen Colmont wishes to share this video with our readers:

Sauna yoga can be a bit controversial: just like Bikram Yoga, as some yoga instructors remain concerned: participants must be extra careful during their yoga stretches in a hot room because a warmed body is more vulnerable to overextending their muscles and joints.

Note the authentic Finnish sauna paneling: old school knotty boards but with clear wood backrests.  This sauna builder has always been unmoved by the false claim of needing to use clear cedar paneling for sauna.  (Clear cedar is often times reserved for infrared light bulb closets, a premium up sell much like Jerry Lundegaard in Fargo: “see, they install that true coat at the factory.  There’s nothin’ we can do.”


1 thought on “Sauna yoga revisited from Finland.”

  1. I am not aware of any medical evidence showing that ambient temperature is a factor in Yoga-related injuries due to overextension. One can just easily overextend at room temperature. Just like saunas can cause heat injuries, the answer comes down to the importance of listening to your body.

    Yoga and Sauna are a natural fit and complement each other well based on their respective contributions to Exercise, Self-Regulation, and Metaphor. For more, see:

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