Sauna: your best hair tonic

“I like saunas, but they dry out my hair”.

I hear this sometimes.  Here’s the simple solution: wet your hair before you go into a sauna: wood burning sauna, backyard sauna, Finnish sauna, health club sauna, but I can’t vouch for an infrared microwave.

BONUS:  You’ll find that this will moisturize your hair.

EXTRA BONUS:  You’ll need no shampoo or soap.  How do I know?

ADMISSION: I used no shampoo for 74 straight days.  I took a sauna 3-4 times a week.  Each sauna, I took 3-4 rounds, jumping into the clear cool lake water between rounds.  That’s it.

My hair felt great, clean all summer long without the use of any product from a bottle.  However, I did start to speak in shorter sentences – I think i’m becoming a Scandinavian.

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