Shoulder surgery sauna

This is a guest post from my friend Steve, who recently had a bad fall, then major emergency shoulder surgery:

“With any surgery the body will feel stress, restlessness and drug induced side effects.  I feel the body needs many ways to recoup, to regain its energy, not only to heal the wound properly but to restore itself back to my normal energy level.   Most doctors/experts tell us that it takes:
  • Time, which is true.
  • Rest, which is true.
  • Exercise, which is true.
But is there a way to combine these techniques during one event?

There is for me.

A long hot sauna provides me with the ability to stretch out the wound, sweat out the toxins and reinvigorate my energy level. The feeling of warming up and then icing down after each of 3-4 rounds at 180 degrees puts my body thru an awaking process, not only for my body and its healing needs, but also my soul.  Taking the time to spend with friends in a complete restful, energizing sauna is all the soul needs for healing.

Any thoughtful doctor/expert will tell you ‘That’s all it takes'”

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