Sitting in a sauna, doesn’t that get boring?

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We’ve heard it from a million sources, how technology specifically has created a state of busyness in all of us.  People choose their own escape: bicycling, hiking, yoga, massages and spas, to name a few.  It’s no secret that activities that allow for “escape” in its pure sense are becoming more and more popular.

We humans crave health and wellness escape.

Regular readers to Saunatimes know where this is going.  The authentic sauna experience removes us from all that noise.  We sauna enthusiasts are well aware of how we can go into a therapeutic sauna session away from the demands of a busy world, and come out clean and refreshed on the other end.  Some enjoy reading in the sauna, others writing in the sauna, music in the sauna, a sauna party, or heck maybe even party poker.

The important thing is to create an atmosphere to foster mind and body relaxation.  When one is happy,

It never gets boring.

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