Sore muscles or joints? Sauna and ice makes everything nice.

If you are suffering from anything similar to the following:

  • Twisted knee from catching an edge playing ice hockey.
  • Damaged shoulder from an ungraceful landing down a flight of stairs.
  • Messed up ankle from too much running.

I can promise you some serious relief:

  1. Take three sauna rounds.
  2. Ice your wound between sauna rounds.
  3. Ice your wound after your sauna session.

My Uncle, a practicing physician for 60 years, knows more about joint pain than anyone.  He explained to me that a swollen joint is the bodies attempt to provide relief to a damaged joint.  Be it a torn or irritated muscle, arthritis, or depletion of synovial fluid for various reasons, the body sends blood to the area to cushion the damage.  But this creates swelling.  And using and abusing the body in this condition will permanently damage the irritated joint.

Sauna increases blood flow.  Helping repair the damage.

Ice relieves the discomfort.  Reducing the swelling.

Sauna and ice helps heal a sore muscle or joint, and makes everything nice.

BONUS:  A 36 minute old nICE mug – after enjoying your cold beverage of choice – is a perfect ice block that you can use on your sore joint or muscle.  The iconic curved shape of a nICE mug allows you to zero in exactly where you’re feeling pain.


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  1. My husband is having hernia surgery today, and the doctor advised he wait two weeks before using the sauna. I found a 2003 study from Finland that found that there were no negative effects of a sauna on surgical incisions. Wondering if your uncle has any thoughts on this? Thanks! Here’s a link to the study abstract:


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