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Sweat Therapy Audio (STA) is an audio recording designed to be listened to with a personal audio player using headphones in a Finnish-style sauna. STA combines meditation, music, and sweating while the participant is encouraged to confront personal challenges. Music was produced and performed by Sam Greene and Alex Rivera

Slip on your headphones and get in the sauna. Sit back and relax, get into the heat, and go off into your altered state of consciousness.

Sweat Therapy Audio combines three ancient wisdom practices – meditation, music, and sweating while Dr. Colmant encourages you to confront your personal priority challenge. Sweating procedures have been used throughout the world for thousands of years to help people gain greater physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Examples include the Finnish Sauna, the American Indian Sweat Lodge, and the Russian Bania to name a few. A sweat session is a powerful way to mark the beginning or completion of a personal journey or other personal commitment to change. It is also a great way to help keep your life in balance and harmony.

Sauna bathing is beneficial for the prevention and treatment of some lung, heart, and skin problems. It promotes deeper sleep, pain relief, muscle relaxation, and has been helpful in treating insomnia and arthritis. It also promotes positive effects on feeling states.

Stephen Colmant, Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychologist and has more than 15 years experience working with people with a wide range of treatment issues in a variety of settings. He is the author of Using the Sweat Lodge Ceremony as Group Therapy for Navajo Youth and Sweat therapy. Dr. Colmant lives with his wife and daughter on the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Bryson City, NC.


This activity was designed to be performed with the use of a Finnish-style sauna. The temperature inside the sauna should be between 62 degrees Celsius (145 degrees Fahrenheit) to 85 degrees Celsius (185 degrees Fahrenheit). The hotter it is, the harder this session will be to complete.

What You Will Need

• 1 quart of water.

• Audio player such as a Personal Audio Player with Headphones.

• Two towels (one for inside the sauna and one for rinsing off in the shower afterwards).


  1. Put on your headphones of your portable audio player.
  2. Enter the sauna and lay a towel down on the bench.
  3. Sit down on your towel and hit play on your portable audio player.

The session includes three, 11-minute intervals inside the sauna with two, 5-minute breaks and a 15-minute recovery period. Listen to the recording throughout the sauna intervals, the breaks, and the recovery period. You will be prompted when to leave and re-enter the sauna. The entire session will take a little less than an hour.  BUY NOW for just $9.99.

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