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The chemistry of loyly: steam from water being tossed on sauna rocks

light steam graphic

Loyly is an integral part of the authentic sauna experience.

Many consider Loyly a spiritual experience.   And as we look under the metaphysical hood, here’s what happens when we toss water on sauna rocks:

  • The water spoon or container in our hands contains two parts Hydrogen and one part Oxygen: H2O.
  • When we toss H2O on sauna rocks, the water turns to water vapor, or steam.
  • Water vapor is brought into the body through breathing and through the open pours of the skin.
  • A high concentration of H2O – water vapor – enters the lungs and “super charges” the respiratory system, and maybe other systems too.

As we sit on the sauna bench, breathing in super oxygenated air, something important is happening.

What is it?

Whatever it is, it is good for you and is a good thing.


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3 thoughts on “The chemistry of loyly: steam from water being tossed on sauna rocks”

  1. you know what else is a good thing? the return of cool weather! and even colder weather on the way! loyly is a great thing but even better when it isn’t 80 degrees outside. nothing beats steam pouring off your body between rounds and then jumping back in the hot room, immediately dousing the rocks with a healthy ladle of water.

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