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In the January 2013 issue of Oprah Magazine, Dr. Oz informs us:

“A study in Clinical Physiology found that healthy, habitual winter swimmers who jumped from saunas into frigid water had improved immune function compared with those who don’t regularly swim in the cold. Researchers believe that over time, exposure to extreme temperature differences may boost the production of infection-fighting cells.”

We sauna enthusiasts love winter, frozen lakes, naked snow angels, polar plunging – the euphoria and endorphin rush akin to “runners high.” We smile when it snows.

And come to think of it, yes, it’s true: we rarely do get sick.

Sauna in Extreme Cold is Something (Wonderful) to Experience

We’ve talked about it many times. When it is this cold outside, sauna takes on an extra special feeling, and provides us an extra special experience.

Note Brian’s reflection in the window. He has just fired up his sauna and is gearing up for round one.

When it is this cold outside, the classical elements of fire, earth, water, and air do strange (and wonderful) things:

When it is this cold outside, we exit the hot room, steam billowing, endorphins rushing, and we become euphoric in the moment.

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5 thoughts on “The Healing Power of Cold”

  1. Does anyone have a connection with the Wizard better known as Dr. Oz.? He has expressed interest and appreciation of sauna, and I’d like to share some enthusiasm and experience along the authentic sauna realm.

    It could help further advance authentic sauna here in North America. Please email me.

  2. If you search, you will find Dr. Oz and Oprah doing a special on sauna. But it is basically an informercial for infrared sauna, and Dr. Oz simply re-stated their (I think) dubious claims.

  3. As long as my feet stay relatively warm, I love staying outside in sub zero weather, after cold plunge or after a dunk of cold water, until all my skin gets dry from billowing steam. And my hair freezes up. 20 deep breaths. Maybe a generous swig of a cold beer, gazing up at the night sky. Quiet. Solitude.

    I can’t get enough of an extended cool down in sub zero weather… it smells like… victory.

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