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The “rubber band” theory of sauna therapy explained in probably too many words.

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Just as a Monarch butterfly knows where to land on a tree thousands of miles away and just as a goose knows when it’s time to take flight for winter, an authentic sauna enthusiast knows the rubber band theory of sauna.

Sauna is great for the skin.

Through repeated heating and cooling, one’s pours (sic.) open and close and are cleansed naturally through the secretion and sweat process.  The fulfillment is only achieved through full rounds and the introduction of Loyly, or steam created from water being tossed on sauna rocks.  It is as important to allow enough time in the sauna for pours to open as it is to allow enough time freezing your ass off under a cold shower or jumping into a cold lake.  This isn’t a macho ploy.  Opening and closing  is what is needed for healthy skin therapy.

Sauna is great for muscles.

We have spoken about sauna therapy and sore muscles, sciatic nerve, shoulder surgery and the rubber band theory may be most easily visualized relative to muscle therapy in sauna.  For muscles have been described as rubber bands.  Muscles can get sore and tighten up.  Healthy muscles can stretch freely, like a rubber band.  There is no better therapy for muscles, then rotating hot and cold therapy.  Pro football players use ice baths not to meet chicks, but to help muscles heal from overworking.

Sauna is great for the mind.

Experiencing a hot sweat in sauna, coupled with a cool down in ice cold water shower or jump in the lake puts one in a state of euphoria.  Endorphin rush akin to long exercise or winning the lottery.  This is proven.  The expanding and contracting offers one mental openness and freedom of thought.

Whether in your backyard sauna, or cabin sauna, we sauna enthusiasts understand and embrace the rubber band theory of sauna and health and wellness benefits of an authentic sauna.  We hope you can too.  The cool down is as important as the heat up.

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