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Top 5 reasons why your own sauna is better than a deadbeat health club sauna.

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5. Temperature: At home, you control it.  At a health club sauna, it’s all a subject for chatter.

4. Congestion. Some health club saunas are as busy as the bathrooms at O’hare airport.  Your own sauna is as tranquil as canoeing in the Boundary Waters.  And you get to pick who you want to come along for the ride.

3. Sounds. Some prefer quiet in sauna, others prefer positive musical vibrations.  With your own sauna, you control it.  And you can control the conversation – no politics.  Is it just me or do all strangers in health club saunas suffer from post nasal drip?  “Hey dude, stop your hacking.”

2. Loyly: Steam from water being tossed on sauna rocks.  Without it , it’s akin to trying to enjoy biking when all you do is ride around in circles in your garage.  You may get a sweat going, but you’re missing the full experience.  Wet sauna?  Dry sauna?  there is no such thing.  All sauna stoves are made to take water.

1. Outdoor Chill Out. Fresh air is part of being healthy.  What a crime that all health club saunas don’t allow for an outdoor chill out area.  The Rubber Band Theory of Sauna confirms the magical moments of the clean rinse and steam billowing off one’s body whilst in the misty garden all wet with rain.

GOOD NEWS: If you enjoy taking a sauna at your health club, you are going to really enjoy an authentic Finnish sauna.

Is it time for your own authentic sauna?

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1 thought on “Top 5 reasons why your own sauna is better than a deadbeat health club sauna.”

  1. We agree!

    Another great thing about a home sauna is that you don’t have to worry about the dress code. Some people prefer to wear a bathing suit to sauna, other prefer only their birthday suit. When you sauna at home you get to choose your attire without worrying about offending, or being offended by, the people around you!

    Something to keep in mind, though – only traditional Scandinavian style sauna stoves are made to take water. Unfortunately with the recent influx of so called “infrared saunas” and their deceptive marketing practices, many people have been fooled into buying an “infrared sauna”, and expecting an actual sauna experience. It just doesn’t happen, in face we’ve heard an infrared sauna compared to sitting in your closet with a space heater!

    Make sure you know what you’re buying…and then ENJOY!

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