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What happens to your body after using a sauna

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Guest post series continues.  Here’s what happens to your body after using sauna

For many years, saunas have been seen as keys to obtaining a healthy lifestyle.

Saunas are a great way to de-stress and have also been seen in the health and dieting industry as a means of detoxing the body.

They have been used to drop weight quickly by getting rid of excessive water that your body may be retaining and reducing the appearance of bloat. Saunas are accessible to almost everyone now at places like recreation center and gyms.

It is even possible to create a mock-sauna in the comfort of your own home using your shower and a small bathroom. Why are saunas so beneficial to the health of a human body? Let’s take a look at some details of exactly what happens to your body after using a sauna.

Your body is detoxified

When you sit in a sauna, the high temperature causes you sweat profusely.

When you sweat, your body naturally gets rid of things that it cannot use, like toxins. This means that sweating in a sauna assists your body in carrying toxins and other harmful things out of your bloodstream and out of your body altogether.

Quickly ridding your body of toxins can be incredibly beneficial, especially if you are just beginning a new health regimen. The detox that a sauna provides can give you a jump start on making new, healthy choices.

Instead of waiting days or even weeks for clean foods to move toxins out of your body in less, let’s say, polite ways, you can simply sit in a sauna for a few sessions to move many of those toxins out of body right immediately.

Saunas reduce stress

Did you know that high temperatures actually release endorphins? Endorphins are chemicals that are released from your brain that ease pain and enable feelings of euphoria.

The combination of releasing endorphins, breathing deeply while in a sauna, and the silence of a sauna partner together to create a complete environment of relaxation and peace, which leads to many other health benefits.


The body’s immune system is improved

The steam produced by a sauna promotes the production of white blood cells in your body. White blood cells are the cells in your body that fight disease and infection.

When your white blood cells are healthy and functioning, you get sick much less frequently, but if you do get sick, that sickness will not last as long as it would if your white blood cell count was lower.

Weight loss can be accelerated

Is it possible to shed weight without the exercise?

Technically, yes. Now, a sauna cannot be the only thing to bring you to better health, but it can greatly aid you in your quest for a lower weight.

Oftentimes, not fitting into those skinny jeans can be a result not only of a higher body fat percentage but can be caused by bloating and inflammation. When your diet is poor, or you have not been drinking enough water, your body retains any hydration it comes across, which means you will experience bloating.

A diet high in sodium also causes water retention, contributing to your body having a “puffy” appearance. If you use a sauna regularly, your body will have help in removing excess water that causes bloating.

When you then renew your hydration levels by drinking more water, your body can sweat even more in the sauna, moving more toxins, salt, and bloat out of you, giving you a slimmer appearance.

Losing water weight can be an excellent way to get your muscles looking extra toned before an event. If you use a sauna on a consistent basis, you will begin to notice that you are bloated and swollen less and less often.

With all that being said, it is important to note that while using a sauna can be extremely beneficial to your health, you must remember to replenish your body’s water supply while making use of the sauna experience. Due to the high amount of water being released when you sweat, dehydration is a risk that accompanies saunas but can easily be avoided if you drink plenty of water.

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