What’s the difference between a 5 Hour Energy Drink and a 3 Hour Sauna Session?

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Psychologist Stephen Colmant, author of “Sweat Therapy: A Guide to Greater Well-Being”:

  1. Energy drinks interfere with sleep. Sauna promotes deep sleep.
  2. An energy drink can amplify anxiety. A sauna session reduces anxiety.
  3. An energy drink can cause you to gain weight. A sauna session will help you lose weight.

Jarmo Lehtola, Director, Finnish Sauna Society, Helsinki, Finland:

  1. A 3 hour sauna session is normal and needed on a regular basis, an energy drink has not been here for the last 10.000 years.
  2. In sauna you don’t count the hours.
  3. Sauna is a state of mind, a drink is disposable.

Dr. Sean Mullen, professor of Psychology and Kinesiology at the University of Illinois:

  1. Toxicity. Energy drinks contain extremely high levels of B vitamins, some of which can be neurotoxic and may cause polyneuropathy (shaky hands). A rookie sauna user only has to worry about endotoxins until they are fully acclimated to heat (5-7 days). Shaky hands are only possible from dehydration.
  2. Mental Crash. There’s minimal “crash” from both but the effects of a sauna session can last for up to 48 hrs (almost 10x the potency of an energy drink).
  3. Smell. Those shots taste like cough syrup. Finnish Sauna smells like a hike in the forest.

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  1. 1. Energy drinks are usually taken on someone else’s time. Sauna is your time.
    2. Energy drinks can easily make your body and mind unstable. Sauna does the opposite.
    3. Energy drinks belong in stores. Sauna belongs in nature.

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